Our Story

Our Story

Founded by former fashion stylist Mimi Khaldi in 2021, Belle & Bowie is considered to be a long-lasting love that has finally been shared with you.

Creating drops to suit our ever-evolving fashion world while keeping it timeless, for pieces that last in your closet.

I always stay true to myself while designing pieces, trying the best I can to make them as versatile as possible. I want each design to offer you endless possibilities over time because this is what I always liked the most in fashion: playing around with each piece to make it different.

So here I am, at last, creating them for you, inspired by times past and vintage treasures, made for all of us.

Conscious Consumers

All of our pieces are ethically produced and manufactured locally in our Workshops based in Marrakesh and Casablanca.

I was a conscious consumer before I was Belle & Bowie’s mom, buying vintage from a very young age and making my own clothes instead of choosing fast fashion. So, from the very beginning I built the necessary practices into this business model to ensure the brand was always in support of ethical labour, producing in small quantities and exclusively using deadstock fabrics.

We do not mass produce in questionable factories with unknown, never ending supply chains and aggressive deadlines. We have an incredible small team of artisan sewers that are family now, working all together and in safe, happy and comfortable environments. I cherish each and every person that touches our product throughout the process as without them, B&B wouldn't be B&B.

All pieces are packaged in recycled cardboard. Sustainability is a major focus here at Belle & Bowie, as for how to buy properly and build a sustainable wardrobe, as well as what to buy for a sustainable planet <3


Craftsmanship plays an essential role in the B&B world. The brand's heritage focuses on the deeply rooted tradition of working with local Moroccan artisans to create handmade pieces, using several craftsmanship techniques: handmade stitching, knitting and so much more.

All of that under our careful supervision and attention to details in our B&B atelier.